Physical Geography case studies

A power point including the case studies that are needed for the AQA physical geography paper. I have just included the basic facts and compressed version as they need to be remebered in the exam.

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Physical Geography
Case Studies
The restless Earth
Water on land
Ice on land…read more

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The Restless Earth
The Andes uses of fold mountains
Haiti earthquake
Indian ocean (Sumatra) tsunami
Mount st Helens volcano
Yellowstone super volcano…read more

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The Andes-uses of fold
O 7,000km long over 6 countries in south America
O Formed from the convergence of the south
American and Nazca plate (subduction zone)
O Has the worlds biggest open cast gold mine
Yanacococha in Peru which boosted population
from 30,000 to 240,000 (2005) since opened
O Mainly subsistence farming staple crop potatoes
O Tourism is Peru's main income Inca tail limit to
500 tourists a day
O Is also used for HEP power
Back to the restless earth…read more

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Haiti- Earthquake
O 80% of 9.7 population live below poverty line
O Strike slip fault through port au prince NAP
subducting under CP
O Jan 12th 2010 Epicentre 10 miles southwest of
capital Measured 7 on Richter scale
O 316,000 deaths and more than 1 million
O 280,000 buildings damaged including PP
O $1.1 billion raised by charities
O World bank postponed debt repayments
Back to the restless earth…read more

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Indian ocean (Sumatra)
Back to the restless earth…read more

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Mount St Helens- volcano
O 18th May 1980
O Destructive plate boundary
O Pyroclastic flow travelled at 120km/h and
large ash cloud sideways explosion
O Bulge appeared and grew 5ft a day
O 63 died
O 70mm of ash fell on Washington and Montana
and ash clouds left up to 5m of ash
O 2million plants and animal died
Back to the restless earth…read more

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