Personality explanation for substance abuse- essay plan

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Personality Explanation for Substance Abuse
Introduce essay Not one single addictive personality has been identified
List the characteristics that are associated with addiction
Extroversion (Flory et al) and low conscientiousness
(McAdams) are contributing factors
Antisocial Personality Disorder (ADP) Outline the disorder
Fabrega study (40% of those seeking
therapy for ADP, substance abused)
Morgenstern study (ADP is associated
with alcoholism)
Studies focus on alcoholism Can't generalise results to other drugs
Findings are correlational Cannot establish cause and effect
Explanation theories have been put forward Early substance abuse loosens
inhibitors which leads to the
impulsive behaviour of ADP
ADP leads to substance abuse
A risk taking personality could
lead to ADP + substance abuse
Freud Those who substance abuse are fixated in the oral stage (if
dependency on others is not met, individual turns to others)
Cannot be tested due to it being in the unconscious
Other theories Social influence Studies show is parents smoke they are
more likely to also
Other theories Genetics Twin studies
Personality and genetics could combine as single
No single cause Concordance rates not 100%= not solely hereditary
All three explanations play a role


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