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Discuss the Behaviourist approach in Psychology; refer to at least two topics you have

Classical Conditioning: > Learning through association between events that occur in the
> Occurs when a previously neutral stimulus is paired with an
unconditional stimulus. Overtime, through association the
previously neutral stimulus…

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reoccur e.g. chocolate for making your bed
Negative unpleasant stimuli that strengthen a
behaviour by their removal

Schedules of reinforcement it is possible to
vary reinforcement in 5 different ways:
continuous, fixed ratio, fixed interval, variable
ratio and variable interval, e.g. fixed ratio is
where one reinforcer is given every…

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Social learning theory: > Supports the behaviourist approach
> Both believe that all behaviour is learnt through external
Biological: > Challenges the behaviourist approach
> States that behaviour is a result of our genetic makeup not the environment
believed by the behaviourist approach

Evaluation gambling


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