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Paradox ­ you cannot gain
money by throwing it away Ironic ­ Mercury was the
god of trade and business,
but also the god of thieves.
Strong verb used to emphasize
how greedy he is ­ imaginative. Alliteration of p and t
Derogatory; `you want to pile up emphasizes Persius' disgust
wealth'. at the man's behaviour
rem struere exoptas caeso bove Mercuriumque
arcessis fibra: `da fortunare Penates,
da pecus et gregibus fetum.' quo, pessume, pacto,
tot tibi cum in flamma iunicum omenta liquescant?
Assonance of m
Repetition of words was believed to
make prayers and curses more This word can either We only feel a little sorry
effective and here it makes it sound mean herds of cattle for him, he who goes on
urgent but impatient. Is this or flocks of sheep. and on until very little
suggesting that he is confident or just The two meanings money left.
desperate? stress his greed.…read more

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He literally means to overcome a His last coin is
god - impossible personified for effect
and is emphasized by
assonance of n and m.
et tamen his extis et opimo vincere ferto
intendit: `iam crescit ager, iam crescit ovile,
iam dabitur, iam iam'; donec deceptus et exspes
nequiquam fundo suspiret nummus in imo.
Rhyming for effect
Repetition of `now' portrays his greed and
impatience and it is also a paradox because he
thinks he is gaining money ­ he is deluded.…read more


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