Peacemaking, the Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations

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Peacemaking and the
League Of Nations
REVISION…read more

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The Treaty Of
· The leaders of the great powers met at
Versailles in 1919 to discuss the terms that
were going to be imposed upon Germany
· The aims of the leaders differed considerably
· The Treaty became known as a Diktat - as it
was being forced on them and the Germans
had no choice but to sign it…read more

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What were the main aims of
the Allies at the Conference?
France (George Clemenceau) Britain (David Lloyd-George)
· Destroy Germany · Maintain their empire
·Take away Germany's power (including · Keep trade routes
their army) · Punish Germany, but no too severely
USA (Woodrow Wilson)
· Create a more peaceful Europe
· Set up League of Nations
· Disarmament of all countries
· Self-determination
· Abolish alliances

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The Treaty
· The Treaty of Versailles was signed on the
28th of June 1919
· Germany had not been allowed to attend
any of the meetings, but had been shown
the terms (and were horrified)
· Main terms involved: Diktat, territorial,
military, war guilt and reparations…read more

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· Germany lost 10% of it's land
­ Alsace-Lorraine was given back to
­ The Polish Corridor was created to give
the new country, Poland, access to the
Baltic sea
­ They also lost land to Belgium, Denmark
and Czechoslovakia…read more

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· All German colonies were taken away and given
to Britain and France to look after as mandates
under the League of Nations until they were
ready for independence
Armed Forces
· German army was reduced to 100,000 men
· Conscription was banned
· Navy was reduced to 6 ships and no submarines
· Air force destroyed
· No tanks…read more

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