Terms of versailles

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    • War guilt - Germany were blamed
    • Armed forces reduced to 100,000 men
    • NO armoured vehicles, aircraft or submarines
    • Only 6 warships
    • Rhineland demiliterised
    • Forced to pay £6.6 billion in reparations
    • Lost its empire
    • Run by League of Nations
    • FAIR
      • 1. War caused so much death and damage
      • 2. They had too be stopped from doing it again
      • 3. People in France and Britain wanted revenge
    • UNFAIR
      • 1. The punishment was too severe
      • 2. Germany were left weak and resentful - lead to anger and future problems
      • 3. Treaty wouldn't help rebuild European trade and wealth  - Germany couldn't afford reparations
      • 4. The peacemakers faced problems and pressure fro m the people at home
      • Without Germany, Russia or USA in the LofN, it'd be hard to keep the peace
      • Europe couldn't recover probably while countries like Germany were poor


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