Past Questions: Congress

Some answered, some not. This is a compilation of all the past paper questions (that were accessible at the time - there may be more now). Good source for practice questions without having to wade through the Edexcel website (which isn't very good...).

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ShortAnswer Questions (15)
Why do only a small percentage of bills introduced into Congress become laws?

To what extent are the two chambers of Congress equal in power and influence?

What is the role of Committee Chairmen in Congress, and why have they been the
subject of criticism?

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'Members of Congress are out of touch with the people who elect them.' Discuss.
Yes out of touch

No connected


To what extent does Congress remain a powerful body?
Yes powerful
Divided government (particularly effective check arguably too effective as Congress
is increasingly partisan)
Support of Congress required for…

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...Personal beliefs apply universally (e.g. libertarian may disapprove of governmental
intervention all the time, not based on the local circumstances)
Senators act as moderators to largely Housebased pork barrel, due to their long
Not particularly maybe for some, and local issues certainly have influence, but
fundamentally speaking the…


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