P3 Brief Notes and Reminders

I made this the night before the exam, This covers briefly some areas that i had difficulty with. Remember to revise these formulas, they aren't given in the exam, I=Ne/T came up in my exam with no formula, luckily i revised it with this. Hope it helps.

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Notes for Physics exam
Last minute revise
Calculating with pressure, the temperature has to be in Kelvin!!
Beta minus- Neutron changes into a Proton
o Atomic number increases by 1 and mass stays the same
o Down quark changes to Up quark
o Above "Line of Stability"
Beta plus- Proton changes into a Neutron
o Atomic number decreases by 1 and mass stays the same
o Up quark changes to Down quark
o Below "Line of Stability"
Gamma ray- Release of Energy
Alpha radiation- Releases 2 Protons and 2 Neutrons
o Atomic number decreases by 2 and mass number decreases by 4
o At top right of graph or on the end of "Line of stability"
BMR-Minimum energy to stay alive (not including exercise)
o Factors that affect it
Age ­ Younger, higher BMR
Muscle ­ More muscle higher BMR (even at rest)
Fat ­ More fat higher BMR (not as much as muscle)
Gender ­ Boys have more muscle and higher BMR
Temperature of external Colder environment BMR increases to keep
ECG shows "Action Potential"
o P is Atria contraction
o QRS is ventricle contraction
o T is ventricle relaxation
Intensity if move twice as far from source you get 1/4 of radiation.
Thermal Neutrons are low energy neutrons
In nuclear reactions Uranium can only absorb "Thermal Neutrons"
Remember additional formula not given in exam;


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