P1 OCR 21st Century Science GCSE Revision Domino Cards

Instructions for use:

1) Print off the sheet

2) Cut round the outside

3) Cut down the middle (thickist line)

4) Cut horizontally across so you end up with 28 cards, consisting of two boxes each

5) Mix them up and try and match them

6) They should all end up joining together

7) Time yourself when doing it- see if each time you get beat your time

TIP- to check you've got the right answers, look at the initial sheet- they match diagonally. I will put up a marksheet called

"P1 OCR 21st Century Science GCSE Revision Domino Cards Mark sheet" if needed.

Hope it helps :)

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300,000 300 Million Years ago
Small particles of dust / small Stars are initial
rocks that burn up as they enter
our atmosphere formed from...

Order for small stars: Cloud, pro
Pangaea 10cm Per Year Dust and gas clouds stable star, red giant and

Sea floor spreads... Magma rises…

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Galaxies are moving away from
Very elongated ellipses `Shooting stars' are... each other very fast Light travels ____ k


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