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P2- Radiation and Life
OCR 21st century science
GCSE Physics
By Lucy…read more

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Electromagnetic Radiation
Electromagnetic radiation transfers energy is
`packets' (photons)
Each photon carries energy, the amount of
energy depends on the frequency of the
radiation.…read more

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EM Radiation and energy
A source = anything that emits EM
Radiation. Eg:
In a vacuum all radiation travels at the
same speed: the speed of light
(300,000 km per second)
Radiation can be:
RAT (Reflected, Absorbed or Transmitted…read more

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Ultra Violet, X Rays and Gamma rays
have enough energy to ionise.
Ionisation is when a photon hits an atom
or molecule it sometimes has enough
energy to remove an electron.
If your cells are exposed to ionising
radiation DNA Molecules can mutate
causing cancer. (Protection includes sun
cream- UV rays and lead shields- X
Rays)…read more

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Microwaves (Microwave ovens and
mobile phone masts)
Microwave Ovens:
Make water molecules vibrate heating them
Can come in different power ratings
Metal cases and screens reflect and absorb
microwaves to stop them escaping
Health Risks of Microwaves:
When you make a call the phone emits radiation
which could lead to long term problems
People who live near phone masts may also be
at risk…read more

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EM Radiation and the atmosphere
(1)…read more

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this helped a lot and thanks for the reminder of not being distracted with twitter, tumblr and facebook :) x

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