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Crime And Deviance

Outline and assess sociological explanations of gender difference in patterns of crime.

In this essay, I am going to assess the patterns of crime committed by males and females.
Many general theories tend to neglect gender as a factor influencing criminality. There is a
common assumption that…

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Crime And Deviance

by the self report study in which individuals are asked about what crimes they committed. Some
self-report studies have implied that female offenders are more likely to escape conviction than
males. Graham and Bowling found that males were more likely to commit offences than
females; the differences…

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Crime And Deviance

Walklate (1998) believes that, in effect, it is the female victim rather than the male suspect
who ends up on trial. Women have to establish their respectability if their evidence is to be
believed. She quotes a study by Adler (1987) which found that women who were…

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Crime And Deviance

societies control women more effectively than they do men, making it more difficult for
women to break the law. Control operates at home, in public and at work.

For example, being a housewife directly restricts women by limiting their opportunities for
criminality. Heidensohn describes domesticity as `a…

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Crime And Deviance

white-collar and corporate crimes are not simply a means for profiting the individual or the
organisation. They are also a means of accomplishing hegemonic masculinity as a successful
breadwinner and as an aggressive, risk-taking male.

Messerschmidt provides a sophisticated analysis of the relationship between masculinities, age,


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