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Phenols (OH group is attached Add a few drops of iron(III) chlorideUsually gives a purple colour.
directly to aromatic ring). solution to a little of the phenol in
ROH, where R is aryl e.g. water.

Carboxylic acids Mix the carboxylic fizzing, colourless RCOOH + NaHCO3 ==> RCOONa + H2O…

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(reaction) and
ketones (no

(2) Aromatic
aldehydes do NOT
give a positive
result with (b)(ii)
Benedict's or
Fehling's reagent).

(3) Reducing
sugars may also
give a positive test
with (b)(i)/(ii)
reagent e.g.
(aldohexose) but
not fructose?

(b)(i) warm a few drops of (b) Only the…

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old name compound is
'iodoform'. warmed with this the aldehyde ethanal CH3CHO and all
solution. ketones with the 2one structure
RCOCH3 ('methyl ketones')

Its a combination of halogenation and
oxidation and is not a definitive test for
anything, it just indicates a possible part
of a molecules structure


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