Opposition to the Nazi regime 1933

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How much opposition was there to the Nazi regime between 1933-39?
Opposition to the regime was presented in many different forms and was
motivated by many different factors
The most complained abut issue was the economy and was non-political
and not meant to be seen as a threat to the regime but in the coordinated
German society, it was seen as a threat and people had been arrested for a
lot less
Propaganda, indoctrination and repression had created an atmosphere in
which many Germans were prepared to support the regime. For many
Germans, it was probably easier to believe the propaganda rather than
question it.
There was no basis for organized and strong resistance to the regime
which could command mass support
Active resistance could only ever really come from the elites and their
view of the Nazis did not change before they helped them rise to power
The plan to assassinate Hitler by the Conservatives did not enjoy a strong
support from the people, meaning they probably could not have brought
an end to the regime if their plan succeeded
Nevertheless, it would impossible for the Third Reich to say that they had
won the hearts and minds of the German people fully. Opposition to the
regime shows the regimes serious shortcomings.
Opposition increased over time because of Nazi radicalism in extreme
policies which resulted in personal and economic pressures for the people
Those who did resist must have known that their actions would only ever
be a gesture that would end in personal sacrifice without any real effect.
According to Kershaw "It took a quantum leap in attitude and
behavior to cross from passive to active resistance."
"Whatever the discontent of the workers, middle-class and the
peasantry, the fact cannot be ignored that the Third Reich succeeded
in producing such a degree of conformity, readiness to collaborate
and preparation for war."
Very few Germans had the moral courage to carry out active resistance
Opposition was fragmented and secular because of a belief that the Nazi
Regime should be credited with resorting order, prosperity and national
pride to Germany.


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