Opposition to the Nazi Regime

Notes on Opposition to the Nazi Regime

Specifically for AS OCR History A Unit F964 Option B

Study Topic 4: Dictatorship and Democracy in Germany 1933–63

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Opposition to the Nazi Regime

What opposition was there to the Nazi Regime?
Some varied methods of opposing the Nazi regime were:
Publicly criticising the regime.
Not giving the Hitler greeting.
Attempted assassinations.
Distribution of anti Nazi leaflets/printing and reading opposition literature and
banned literature.
Spying for foreign governments.…

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9th November 1939 ­ Socialist cabinet-maker Georg Elser planted a bomb in
the beer-hall where Hitler was speaking, but it went off after Hitler had left and
killed four people. He was arrested, and executed in 1945.
June 1940 ­ Police Chief Friedrich von Schulenburg wanted to assassinate

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In contact with other university groups, the WR was inspired by the sermons of
Bishop Galen.
Secretly distributed leaflets.
Printed details about euthanasia programmes and the atrocities on the Eastern
They were arrested and their leaders, Hans and Sophie Scholl, were executed.

The Army:
Aristocratic officers were suspicious…

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KPD ­ formed underground cells, even in DAF, but two thirds of members were
arrested ­ Rote Kapelle spy organisation sent information to the USSR, and was
smashed in 1942 by the Abwehr.

Traditional elites:
Among the elites ­ talk of replacing Hitler, especially in the Kreisau Circle on…

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9. Historians disagree on the extent of opposition and the problems opponents

Flora Curtis, Ashburnham


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