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Opening Worlds
Responding to a question…read more

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Planning and preparation
Make sure that you
have revised the short
Know your stuff:
Links…read more

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Read the question
Read the question
carefully and underline
or highlight key words in
the question
You must refer to all the
stories mentioned in the
question or if given
choice refer to the
number of stories
mentioned…read more

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Use The Gold-Legged Frog and Two Kinds to
answer this question.
Explore how the relationship between a parent
and a child in each of these stories is
influenced by the worlds in which the
characters live.
Support your answer by referring to and quoting from the stories.
Remember to put quotation marks round any words or phrases you
use from the stories…read more

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Put the question into your own words
What is the parent/child How is the relationship
relationship like? affected by the culture?…read more

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Make a Plan
How many points must I
What stories should I
refer to?
If I refer to other stories
not named will I get any
How much time should I
spend planning?…read more

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