English Specification B 2010 AQA pre release booklet

poems from different cultures

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Something in the air tonight- as usual

Purpose: to inform people about the development in china

Quick summary: Describes the smog and fast development of China and defends the pollution and damage due to the sheer speed in which they have done it.also makes a point about how economic development 'isn't everything'

Key Words: Smog, Astonishing, Draconian,Phenomenon

Source: The Times

Audience:Middle Class people

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China Thrills The Watching World

Purpose (& quick summary):description of the opening ceremonyin china

Source: The Daily Telegraph

Audience: Middle Class Concervatives

Key Words: (facts and figures 287,14000,2000,) Overload, Visual, Sensory

Key Techniques: use of hyperbole, ( how can we come up with something a tenth,hundredth,thousandth as grand as this?)

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Aunt Julia

Story: Boy remembers his aunt julia and the things that still remind him of her

Message: The culture aunt julia and the poet (more distantly) came from is dissapearing, and aunt julia has gone even before he could learn to communicate with her and understand her.

Key Words: Gaelic, Answer, Understand, She was,Angry

Key Techniques: Simple language, Repetition,less punctuation in stanza three-speeds up the pace?,

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Story: young boy remembers his Grandmother and the stories she told them at night round the fire

Message:Capturing his past and Expressing the simplest things that remind us of the people we love,such as a story thats been told over and over,

Key Techniques: recreates everything that surrounded him ( sights smells sounds) to create a vivid image of his childhood, onomatopoeia (chirping of crickets),

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After the Deluge

Story: Rich man with lots of power falls from grace and end up in poverty

Message: a fall into povery can happen to anyone at any time, even the richest of men.(perhaps about the corruption and constant fight for power in nigeria)

Key Words: Dare, Billion yen, widows mite, preying bird, mortal, dreamland splendour

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Late winter months

Story: A boy and his foster mother wait on the beach for his foster father to return home from fishing, a storm comes and the father doesnt return,eventually the storm drives them off the beach and into bed worrying about him, the foster father return late at night and the boy and mother are relieved.

Message: might be 'you dont have to be rich to be happy?'

Key Words: simple, song, evening,eternity,cold,fostermother,fosterfather

Key Techniques: simple use of language, more discriptive that figurative to capture the childhood memories better, rhetorical questions,

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Escape Journey

Story: a 14 year old girl and her family flee their homes over some treturous mountain tracks,she describes what she can see and how the older people have had to flee before,

Key Words:force, steepness,cannot imagine, difficult, exposes/exposed

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Great! Could anyone review the poems in the 2011 booklet? 

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