Writing to Inform, Explain, Describe.

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Writing to Inform

  • Answer the questions who, what, why, where, when and how
  • Readers of information expect to believe and trust what they read, so information needs to be given in a reassuring and confident tone.
  • information is intended to be balanced
    --> information to be based upon facts or balanced opinion.
    --> For example, if you were to write an anecdote in your informing - two would be ideal - one from someone who enjoyed the trip and one from someone who didn't?
  • Information must be relevant to the reader's needs
    --> Newspaper reader expects info to be clear, interesting and honest.
    --> Leaflet reader expects info easy to follow, useful and interesting.


  • Introduce the topic in a lively and clear way in your opening paragraph.
  • A single topic sentence used to introduce the point of the paragraph.
  • Follow on with a series of well-structured paragraphs that provide only 'bite size' chunks of information.
  • Use linking words to help to make your ideas more fluent, e.g. next, afterwards, subsequently, therefore, etc..
  • Using an anecdote can gain extra marks because it can show information very clearly, in an interesting and compelling way. Using 2 anecdotes can give the right balance the examiner's looking for.
  • Use a variety of sentence types and styles and remember that shorter sentences are often clearer and crisper sounding. An occasional ultra-short sentence can add real impact to writing.

Writing to Explain

  • Explaining is about breaking a topic down into the parts the audience need to know, to enable them to understand the topic better.

  • Writing to explain needs to provide information that is useful and accessible to its audience. This means it needs to be lively, balanced, truthful and trustworthy
  • Work out what and how much your reader already knowsNo one



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This is Great! WOO! So much more confident now for my tommorrow exam! ;) Thanks


This is Great! WOO! So much more confident now for my tommorrow exam! ;) Thanks


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