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Freewill, Determinism and Omniscience.

Determinism all events are predetermined and because God knows that something is
going to happen it means that it will happen.

Fatalism That free will does not exist, meaning therefore that history has progressed in
the only manner possible. This belief is very similar to determinism.…

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each such faculty would to with its innate freedom were it to be placed in this or in
that or, indeed, in infinitely many orders of things even though it would really be
able, if it so willed, to do the opposite . . . 7

Whereas by God's natural…

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surprising, I thought, given that Aquinas says, at ST 2-1.13.6, "For man can will
and not will, act and not act; again, he can will this or that, and do this or that,"
and this is intended to be a clarification of why we do not will necessarily. So what…


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