Omens Portents and The Death of Julius Caesar - Suetonius

I have tried to shorten the story into basic points.

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Omens, portents & the murder of Julius Caesar ­ Suetonius
Caesar ignored warning and omens of his death
Herd of horses, that were dedicated on crossing the Rubicon
were refusing to graze and were weeping
Spurinna the soothsayer warned Caesar of danger that wouldn't
go past the Ides of March
Day before Ides, lots of birds of different kind tore to pieces a
king bird in the senate house of Pompey
In his dream he was shaking hands with Jupiter
His wife Calpurnia dreamed that their roof collapsed and Caesar
would be stabbed in her arms
Suddenly the bedroom door opened on its own
Caesar didn't want to go to the senate because of his poor health,
but Decimus Brutus told him to not let the people down
On the way to the senate Caesar was handed a note of the
conspiracy and he put it in his left hand
Caesar still couldn't get favourable omens from sacrifices
He mocked the Spurinna calling him a false seer
Spurinna said the Ides had come but not gone
(Not in the text, but Caesar was now brutally murdered)
Caesar's heir Augustus put on games to celebrate Caesar as a
A comet shone for 7 days and it was believed to be Caesars soul
being taken to heaven
A star was added to the top of his statues head


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