The life of Cicero and why he was so successful.

When studying Cicero it is clear that he was very influential. In the document are facts about Cicero which show you why he was so good at speaking and why, even without evidence, he won court cases. His drive came from his background and his beliefs changed the way politics were done because of his view points.

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· He was a lawyer, philosopher and most importantly a
politician as he valued politics highly in his life.
· He did not have the support of his family to become a
politician immediately so he became a lawyer first.
· He was a supporter of the Roman republic and because of
this he found that he was getting into difficult situations.
· Once his life moved over to politics, he was very successful
as he once got 3 people to be executed just by what he had
· Cicero did not want to join the first coalition of Julius
Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus in 60BC which lead Roman
· In 58BC a law was created which stated that anyone who had
killed a Roman would be put into exile and so Cicero was
banned from living within 500 miles of Italy and could not
interfere with any politics.
· Therefore Cicero started philosophy and even though he
was allowed back into Rome, he was banned from politics
(because laws had changed).
· The civil war broke out between Pompey and Caesar because
of the death of Crassus and Cicero believed that the
consequence of Rome becoming an empire would be a
· Octavian - Following the assassination of Caesar, Cicero
urged the senate to support Octavian.
· Cicero believed he could be thrown out by the senate and
therefore all the power of the Roman Empire would be
given to the senaate.
· But this plan back-fired and the conspirators found a way to
share power.
· Anthony ordered the killing of Cicero, who was caught
trying to escape Rome.
· His hands were nailed to the speaking platform in the senate
as a warning.
Literary Works
· Whilst Rome was under the rule of Caesar, Cicero was in
exile and wrote philosophical works.

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· Cicero always believed that philosophy could influence
politics so it is possible he was encouraging his view points.
· In his letters to his friends were speeches which were looked
after following his death.
· Cicero fully believed in Stoicism in which wealth has
nowhere near enough value to justify turning away virtue to
attain them.
· Cicero also believed that Gods existed and loved human
beings.…read more


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