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Physics Definitions - G482

Volt ­ Unit for voltage - One Joule per Coulomb (JC-1)

Amp ­ Unit for current - One Coulomb per Second (CS-1)

Watt ­ Unit for Power ­ One Joule per Second (JS-1)

Charge ­ The charge of electricity measured in Coulombs (Q=It)

Resistance ­…

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Kirchhoff's 1st Law ­The sum of the currents entering any junction is always equal to the
sum of currents leaving the junction (conservation of charge)

Kirchhoff's 2nd Law ­ The sum of the e.m.f.'s is equal to the sum of the p.d.'s in a closed
loop (conservation of energy)


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Refraction ­ When waves change direction due to travelling from one medium to
another and changing speed

Diffraction ­ When a wave spreads out after passing through a gap

Quantum Physics
Quantum ­ A discrete, indivisible quantity

Photon ­ A quantum of light

Electron Volt ­ The energy change of…

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