OCR G481 Definitions

Definitions of all important units/words needed in the OCR G481 exam.

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Physics Definitions - G481
Quantity - A quantity is a Measure of something and its Unit
Scalar Quantity - Quantities that have only Magnitude, e.g. Mass, Temperature and
Vector Quantity - Quantities that have both Magnitude and Direction e.g. Velocity, Force
and Acceleration
Speed - The rate of change of distance e.g. 10ms-1
Velocity - The rate of change of displacement e.g. 10ms-1 North
Displacement ­ The net distance moved in a particular direction
Acceleration - A measure of how quickly velocity changes
Work Done - The energy transferred when an object is moved through a distance by a
Joule ­ The energy required to move a weight of 1N through a distance of 1m
Power ­ The rate of Work Done (work/time)
Watt ­ Unit for power - One joule per second
Newton -The force that causes a mass of 1Kg to have an acceleration of 1 metre per
second per second (1N = 1Kgms-2)
Free Fall - Downward movement caused only by gravity
Terminal Velocity - The constant speed that a freely falling object eventually reaches when
gravitational force = air resistance and therefore net acceleration is
Equilibrium - An object is in equilibrium when net rotational and translational forces
equal zero
Moment - Force x Perpendicular distance from a pivot
Principle of Moments - For a body in rotational equilibrium, the sum of Clockwise
Moments = the sum of Anti-clockwise Moments

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Newton's 3 Laws of Motion:
1. "A body will continue in a state of rest or uniform motion unless acted on by and
external force."
2. "The net force on an object is equal to the mass of the object multiplied to its net
acceleration (F = ma)"
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