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OCR physics A specification

Charge and current
explain that electric current is a net flow of charged particles
explain that electric current in a metal is due to the movement of electrons, whereas
in an electrolyte the current is due to the movement of ions
explain what is meant by…

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describe how the resistivities of metals and semiconductors are affected by
describe how the resistance of a pure metal wire and of a negative temperature
coefficient (NTC) thermistor is affected by temperature

describe power as the rate of energy transfer
select and use power equations P = VI,…

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describe and distinguish between progressive longitudinal and transverse waves
define and use the terms displacement, amplitude, wavelength, period, phase
difference, frequency and speed of a wave
derive from the definitions of speed, frequency and wavelength, the wave equation v
= f
select and use the wave equation v = f…

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select and use the equation dsin = n
explain the advantages of using multiple slits in an experiment to find the wavelength
of light

Stationary waves
explain the formation of stationary (standing) waves using graphical methods
describe the similarities and differences between progressive and stationary waves
define the terms nodes…

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explain that electrons travelling through polycrystalline graphite will be diffracted by
the atoms and the spacing between the atoms
select and apply the de Broglie equation = h/mv
explain that the diffraction of electrons by matter can be used to determine the
arrangement of atoms and the size of nuclei…

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Linear motion
derive the equations of motion for constant acceleration in a straight line from a
velocity against time graph
select and use the equations of motion for constant acceleration in a straight line:
v = u +at, s = ½(u + v)t, s = ut + ½at² and v²…

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explain that a couple is a pair of forces that tends to produce rotation only
define and apply the torque of a couple
define and apply the moment of force
explain that both the net force and net moment on an extended object in equilibrium
is zero
apply the principle…

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define power as the rate of work done
define the watt
calculate power when solving problems
state that the efficiency of a device is always less than 100% because of heat losses
select and apply the relationship for efficiency: efficiency = useful output energy/
total input energy x 100%…


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