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Fiona Donnelly 13D

Consider Mary's Shelley's presentation of family
and alienation in Frankenstein (30)
The themes of Family and Alienation are crucial to the narrative plot of Frankenstein. The
reasons for the creation of his monster lie within Frankenstein's own familial relationships
and the grief he experienced at the loss…

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Fiona Donnelly 13D

is isolated from the rest of the crew and cannot partake in their activities. Moreover they do
not share in his dreams or ambitions and a mutiny occurs upon the ship. Walton is shown as
longing for a friend who will "sympathise" with him and "whose eyes…

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Fiona Donnelly 13D

person was hideous and my stature gigantic. What did this mean? Who was I? What was I?
Whence did I come?"

Additionally, even in the meeting place of these two characters, Victor Frankenstein and the
Monster, Mary Shelley highlights the alienation of the pair at this point…

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Fiona Donnelly 13D

understood and this is what he believes a companion could offer him. Alienation is all that has been
afforded to him by the human race.

In Frankenstein, the themes of family and alienation come hand-in-hand and play as a large a part in
the formation of the…


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