Cells and Enzymes - Biology Revision

Revision activities on the B2 topics above.

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GCSE Biology Revision
Cells and Enzymes
TASK 1: Draw a detailed diagram showing a simple animal, and simple plant
cell, indentifying what is the same in both, and what is individual to plant
TASK 2: Here are two specialised cells. Name them, annotate them using
page 140-1, and then draw the two other specialised cells you have learnt
and annotate them.
TASK 3: There are two ways in which movement takes place between cells.
Annotate this diagram to show how diffusion is used here and generally.

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TASK 4: Now do the same for osmosis.
TASK 5: Complete all exam questions on page 148-9.
TASK 6: Define the following VERY IMPORTANT vocab!
Activation energy
Active site
Enzyme-substrate complex
TASK 7: What two factors mainly affect enzyme action? Draw graphs to
display this!
TASK 8: What is aerobic respiration, and why is it so important?
TASK 9: Look at the diagram below, and then simply describe how digestion
of carbohydrates, proteins and fats occur.…read more

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TASK 10: There are two main ways
in which we can speed up
digestion. Note these two ways
using a flow diagram.
TASK 11: We use enzymes
everywhere ­ In industry and in the
home. Give two examples for
each, with a very brief explanation
of how they work.
TASK 12: Complete exam-style
questions on page 190-1.
EXT TASK 13: Complete Q2 page 218.…read more


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