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GCSE Biology Revision

Cells and Enzymes

TASK 1: Draw a detailed diagram showing a simple animal, and simple plant
cell, indentifying what is the same in both, and what is individual to plant

TASK 2: Here are two specialised cells. Name them, annotate them using
page 140-1, and then…

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TASK 4: Now do the same for osmosis.

TASK 5: Complete all exam questions on page 148-9.

TASK 6: Define the following VERY IMPORTANT vocab!

Activation energy
Active site
Enzyme-substrate complex

TASK 7: What two factors mainly affect enzyme action? Draw graphs to
display this!

TASK 8:…

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TASK 10: There are two main ways
in which we can speed up
digestion. Note these two ways
using a flow diagram.

TASK 11: We use enzymes
everywhere ­ In industry and in the
home. Give two examples for
each, with a very brief explanation
of how they work.



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