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Type of
Mandatory life When the defendant has been found guilty of murder a judge must give a life
Custodial sentence sentence
A judge can also decide how many years a person may serve before being released
on licence
30 years starting point is given to people who murder;…

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Only applies to; sexual offenders ­ 10yrs and violent offender ­ 5yrs

s.177(1) Criminal Justice
Community Act 2003 (CJA)
Unpaid work
Prohibited activity
Mental health
Drug rehab
Alcohol rehab
Supervision order
Residence order
Reprimands and
warnings can also
be given out but
they are given out

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10-13 year olds =
14-17 year olds =
18-20 year olds =

Conditional ­ a
Discharges penalty is given
(charged and given a
certain condition)
e.g. if they don't
re-offend within
3yrs they won't
have to go to prison
for the crime
Absolute ­ on
penalty is…

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1st time drink driving
= 12 months
2nd + drinking driving
= 3 years minimum

Youth Offenders
18-20 year olds
Youth Offenders Institution Minimum sentence is 21 days
If you turn 21 then you are moved to an adult prison

Half the time is spent in detention and the…

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10-17 year olds
Detention at Her Majesty's It must be given if they commit murder
Pleasure The offender is released when the prison think its suitable and the judge decides the sentence

Mentally Ill
The patients come and go as day patients e.g. they attend therapy
Community treatment order…

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Victim suffered permanent injuries Defendant was being black mailed
Weapon used Group action and defendant was playing a minor part

The defendants
How has the defendant dealt with previous sentences?
Previous convictions Where they on bail?
If previous offender retribution clearly hasn't worked for them

Prepared by the probation…

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