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Type of
Mandatory life When the defendant has been found guilty of murder a judge must give a life
Custodial sentence sentence
A judge can also decide how many years a person may serve before being released
on licence
30 years starting point is given to people who murder; police officer, a firearm or
explosive device was used and murder was racially aggravated
Discretionary life
sentence For rape and manslaughter the max sentence is life but a judge doesn't have to
impose it
Fixed term sentence For any other crime that is punishable by prison a judge will decide on the exact
length e.g. 2 years
Anyone who is given this will be automatically released on licence once they have
served half
Suspended This is where the defendant is given a custodial sentence but they only have to do it
sentence if they offender again within a certain number of years/months given by the judge
If they do re-offend they will have to serve both sentences, the previous and the
present one
Extended sentence This is where the offender serves there prison sentence and then is on licence for a
longer person of time
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Only applies to; sexual offenders ­ 10yrs and violent offender ­ 5yrs
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14-17 year olds =
18-20 year olds =
Conditional ­ a
Discharges penalty is given
(charged and given a
certain condition)
e.g. if they don't
re-offend within
3yrs they won't
have to go to prison
for the crime
Absolute ­ on
penalty is given
Other types orders ­ give
compensation to
Deprivation and
forfeiture orders ­
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Youth Offenders
18-20 year olds
Youth Offenders Institution Minimum sentence is 21 days
If you turn 21 then you are moved to an adult prison
Half the time is spent in detention and the other half in is spent in the community under
Detention and Training supervision
orders 12-21 year olds
Minimum sentence is 4 months
Maximum sentence is 24 months
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Detention at Her Majesty's It must be given if they commit murder
Pleasure The offender is released when the prison think its suitable and the judge decides the sentence
Mentally Ill
The patients come and go as day patients e.g.…read more

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Victim suffered permanent injuries Defendant was being black mailed
Weapon used Group action and defendant was playing a minor part
The defendants
How has the defendant dealt with previous sentences?
Previous convictions Where they on bail?
If previous offender retribution clearly hasn't worked for them
Prepared by the probation service
Pre-sentence reports Includes information on the defendants background and suitability to do a community
based sentence
Prepared by a doctor ­ dependant on mental or physical illness
Medical reports
They are looked into as…read more

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