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Criminal Cases Civil Cases
What courts do they sit High Court
in? Crown Court County Court
What type of cases do False imprisonment
they hear? Some triable either way Defamation
cases but all indictable Malicious prosecution
How many people are in
a jury? 12 members 12 members in…

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When can the majority
verdict be accepted? After 2hrs if no verdict has N/A
been reached

n and
How are people Randomly selected from the electoral role
selected? If you aren't on the role you can't be picked e.g. homeless
15 people are first picked but only…

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Can people with Deaf people can't as there can't be a 13th member of the
disabilities do jury jury
service? Blind people can but depends on the evidence in the case

Is jury service Jury service is compulsory unless you are a doctor,
compulsory? And recently become a parent or…


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