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Civil disputes
Multi track High court
Claims more than £15 000 Over £50 000
Fast track County court
Claims between £5000 and £15000 Up to £30 000
Small claims
Disputes under £5000
Discovery document
Pre action protocol
Claim form
Alternative ways of solving disputes
Negotiationnon binding .they negotiate with each other to see if they can avoid a court
case. this can be done in person or through lawyers
Mediationan expect is brought to the parties to try and settle or a mediator who acts as a
go between he suggest ways that the case may be settled this is none binding
Arbitrationthis is where they give arbitrator the power of the court they can call a witness
hear lawyers arguments and make a binding decision that the parties have to stick to
Criminal procedure
Grounds and factors of decision
Stage 1grounds for objection
Would not return for trail
Commit other offences while on bail
Interfere with witness and obstruct justice
For own protection
Has already failed to appear for hearing
Stage 2factors the court may look at
Previous convictions
Seriousness of the offence
Likely penalty
Community ties
Stage 3the court may impose conditions

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Report at police station daily
Suretyguarantee of money if unable to turn up
CJPOA ­ removed bail for indictable cases
If accused for cases such as murder not granted bail
Summary Triable either way Indictable
Magistrates Magistrates or crown court e.g theft Crown court e.g
court murder
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Defence Prosecution
Conviction COA on points of law Cnt appeal unless
and to HOL jury nobbling
Sentence COA on points of From crown court to
law and to HOL COA on sentence
Error of law COA on points of Crown court to
law and to HOL COA on points of
CCRC Can be referred to COA sometimes
CCRC by defendant refers cases to
or family and friends CCRC for further
Police powers
Powers to stop and search
What powers SI PACE
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Asking questions Officer has the right to question
Failure to answer does not give grounds to arrest
How to make it lawful Inform suspect what search for and station they are
DPP V Osman did not give name or station before
stop search therefore defendant not guilty of assult
If tshirt or other same sex code of practice A
Removing clothing Coat ,jacket and gloves
Reasonable suspicion Cannot be based on age ,gender ,race ,dressing and
previous convictions code of practice A
Detention(only apply…read more

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Young offenders
Reprimands and warning
Reprimandsfor first time
Final warningfor second time
Prosecutionfor last time
Custodial sentencing
Her majesty pleasurefor murder cases
for over 18
detained at HMP
Detention orderserious offences
child aged 10 or more
14 yr maximum sentence
Detention and training orderminimum is 4 months
other offences
1217 yr olds
secure training centre authority secure unit,
Under 16 the court binds the parents to pay
They must take proper care or will be back in court
Maximum fines over18s£5,000
1417 £1000
1013…read more

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