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One of the main assumptions of the cognitive
approach is that people have a limited capacity
for processing information
This can be a problem because there is a huge
amount of information from the environment
It would be impossible for a human to take in
and process all this information
Under normal circumstances, people are quite
good at choosing which information will be
processed…read more

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However, there appears to be some types
of information that draw attention to
themselves, a weapon is an example of
Weapon focus refers to the concentration
of a witnesses attention on a weapon
which results in them having difficulty
recalling other details of the scene and
identifying the perpetrator…read more

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A study to support the idea of the weapon
focus is by Loftus et al in 1987
The aim of this study was to provide support
for the weapon focus effect when
witnessing a crime
The method consisted of a laboratory
Self selected & opportunity sample
36 students aged between 18-31 from
University of Washington…read more

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The participants were shown 18 slides of a series
of events in a Taco restaurant
For both groups the presentations were the
exact same, except for one slide- This was the IV
In the control group the slide would involve the
second person in the queue handing the cashier
a cheque
In the experimental group the second person in
the queue pulls a gun on the cashier…read more

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The DV was the recognition of that
It was measured by a twenty item
multiple choice questionnaire
They were also shown 12 photos in a
random sequence and asked to rate
how confident they were in their
identification…read more

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