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Emily Summers

Lattice Enthalpy

The standard lattice enthalpy is the enthalpy change when one mole of a solid ionic
compound is formed from it's gaseous ions from it's constituent elements under standard

It is a measure of ionic bond strength.

Na+(g) + Cl-(g) NaCl(s)

Figure 1 from chemguide


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Emily Summers

It can be positive or negative!

Calculating Lattice Enthalpy from Enthalpy Changes of Solution and Hydration

Route One: Lattice enthalpy and enthalpy change of solution

K+ (g) + Cl- (g) KCl(s)

KCl(s) + aq K+ (aq) + Cl- (aq) +26 KJ Mol-1

Route Two: Hydration of K+ (g)…

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Emily Summers

Factors Affecting Lattice Enthalpies and Enthalpy of Hydration

Lattice Enthalpy:

Ionic Size

Smaller ions pack more closely together so attract each other more strongly in a
lattice, whereas larger ions are further apart in the lattice and are attracted less

As ionic radius increases:

Attraction between ions…


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