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Chemistry F325 revision questions

Rates of reaction
1 Define the term rate of reaction.

2 Define the term initial rate of reaction.

3 Define the term order.

4 Define the term rate constant.

5 Explain the effect of temperature change on rate constant and rate of reaction.

6 Define the…

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21 Define the term pH.

22 Define the term [H+(aq)]

23 Define the term strong acid.

24 Give some examples of strong acids.

25 Define the term weak acid.

26 How do you work out Ka of an acid, HA?

27 How do you work out Ka for a weak…

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42 Explain why first ionisation energy is endothermic.

43 Explain why second ionisation energy is endothermic.

44 Explain why first electron affinity is exothermic.

45 Explain why second electron affinity is endothermic.

46 Define the term standard enthalpy change of solution.

47 Define the term standard enthalpy change of hydration.…

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62 What colour precipitate does Fe3+ and sodium hydroxide form?

63 What colour precipitate does Cu2+ and sodium hydroxide form?

64 Define the term ligand.

65 Define the term bidentate ligand.

66 Define the term complex ion.

67 Define the term coordination number.

68 Define the term stereoisomerism.


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