Nuclear Disarmament

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Nuclear Proliferation Describes the increase in the
number of countries that are
able to manufacture and use
nuclear weapons.
Nuclear When a country reduces or
Disarmament abolishes its weapons.
Some Muslims do not agree on the issue of nuclear disarmament because:
Britain needs nuclear weapons to discourage other countries from attacking it. Nuclear
weapons must provide a deterrent because Britain has not been attacked since the WW2.
Having these weapons has provided more than 60 years of peace.
Nuclear weapons have been developed and are part of a modern defence system. There is
no point in giving up this research. It is impossible to turn the clock back. If Britain gives up
these weapons, there will still be other countries that will develop them.
Britain needs to have nuclear weapons to maintain its influence in the world. Other countries
listen to the British government because it is powerful.
Other Muslims agree with nuclear disarmament because:
It is wrong to spend millions of pounds on nuclear weapons when the money could be spent
on reducing poverty.
It can never be right to possess weapons which if used would kill millions of innocent civilians
`Do not take life which Allah has made sacred'.
It can never be right to possess nuclear weapons which if used would cause enormous
environmental damage `Allah has made you his custodians of the Earth'


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