Nuclear Weapons

Revision notes on Nuclear Weapons. Christianity & Islam Ethics

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Nuclear Weapons It is weapons of mass
Many Christians believe that it is not just wrong to use nuclear weapons; it is wrong to keep them.
They argue that:
Human life is sacred. It is wrong to keep weapons which if used could kill millions of innocent
As long as Britain has nuclear weapons, there will always be the temptation to use them in a
time of crisis.
The money spent on nuclear weapons could be used on more needs that are important.
These Christians disagree on whether Britain should get rid of its nuclear weapons immediately:
Some believe that all countries should agree to destroy they weapons at the same time
(multilateral disarmament). They argue that it is unrealistic for Britain to destroy its
weapons immediately as other countries might not follow Britain's lead.
Others believe that Britain should destroy its weapons immediately without waiting for
other countries (unilateral disarmament). Giving up nuclear weapons would provide a
good example to other countries and would discourage them from developing their
own nuclear weapons.
Christians In Favour of a Nuclear Deterrent
However, some Christians believe that Britain needs to keep nuclear weapons as a deterrent. They
argue that:
Nuclear weapons have provided an effective deterrent in the past. One of the reasons that
Britain has enjoyed relative peace since the Second World War is because it possesses
nuclear weapons; no country in the world would dare to invade it.
It would be naïve for Britain to destroy its nuclear weapons because it would leave Britain at
the mercy of other hostile countries.
Without nuclear weapons, Britain would lose its power and influence.
Christians Against a Nuclear Deterrent
The vast majority of Christians are against the use of nuclear weapons because:
The use of nuclear weapons goes against Jesus' teachings on peace, reconciliation and loves
`love your enemies'.
Jesus opposed the use of violence to solve problems `Put your sword back in its place, for
all who draw the sword will die by the sword'.

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It goes against one of the six conditions of the Just War Theory that force must be used
proportionately; nuclear weapons kill huge number of innocent civilians. `You shall not
The radiation form nuclear weapons is impossible to control and will spread to people from
neutral countries which have nothing to do with the conflict.
Nuclear weapons cause enormous environmental damage over a large area, which
contradicts Christians' responsibility to be good stewards of God's creation.…read more


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