Theme D: War and Conflict-Religious and Secular views in Nuclear Weapons

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The CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) are a secular group of people who believe that nuclear weapons should be disarmed. Firstly they believe that all of Britain’s nuclear weapons should be disarmed as well as the world’s nuclear weapons because this can be the start to a peaceful resolution from all conflicts and can make the UN more successful. They believe this as they believe nuclear weapons cause more bad than good and it should always be ended peacefully instead of in conflict. They next believe that all chemical weapons, biological weapons and depleted uranium weapons are to be abolished as these weapons also cause as much destruction as a nuclear weapon and they can count as a WMD according to the Geneva convention. Depleted uranium weapons can consist from a bullet which is coated in uranium to give it extra penetration from kevlar or armour to other weapons however introducing uranium in them has made them a nuclear weapon which they are against. They believe this for the same reason to wanting to ban all of the nuclear weapons in the world because they cause more bad than good and can kill civilians. They next believe that all nuclear power industries are to be shut and all British forces in allied countries are to be removed from all NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) forces. NATO is an alliance of countries from Europe and North America. It provides a


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