Global issues

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  • Global issues
    • Causes of War
      • Greed for power        The desire to rule by force, Revenge, defence, protection of others, for resources.     
    • Total opposition to war and any type of violence, someone who holds this view is called a Pacifist.
    • The just war theory
      • Last resort
      • Chance of success
      • Weapons used in proportion
      • Lawful authority
      • Good intentions
    • Nucleur Weapons
      • 1.Multi-Lateral disarmament – all countries disarm together   2. Uni-Lateral disarmament – one country decides to disarm regardless of what the other countries do.  The risk is others won’t disarm and they take advantage of a country getting rid of nuclear weapons as they are then open to attack
      • Can cause mass destruction of life- against the commandment and fruit of holy spirit- kindness.
    • Causes of world poverty
      • Enviromental disaster- e.g floods, earthquakes.
      • Debts
      • Lack of wealth in order to develop.
      • War- money spent on arms rather than development.
    • Fairtrade
      • fairtrade works to ensure that all farmers are paid a fair wage for their produce.
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