timeline of the nuclear arms race

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Nuclear Arms Race Timeline
1945 16th July
USA test A-bomb at Alamogordo in New Mexico
6th August
USA drops bomb on Hiroshima
9th August
USA dropped bomb on Nagasaki
1946 Baruch Plan of the United Nations to limit the development of nuclear technology fails
1949 29th August
USSR tests its first atomic bomb in Semipalatinsk
1952 1st November
USA test first hydrogen bomb at Eniwetok in the Pacific
1953 8th August
USSR test first Lithium bomb at Semipalatinsk
1954 1st March
USA tests their Lithium bomb
1955 USA possessed first bomber with intercontinental range; the B52 Stratofortress
1956 USSR develop the TU20 Bear
1957 5th October
The Soviets launch Sputnik; the first space satellite
The Gaither Report informed Eisenhower of the existence of a `missile gap'
USSR launches Sputnik II. Laika becomes the first dog in space
USSR develop first ICBM capable of carrying thermo-nuclear bombs
1960 July
USA develops the world's first submarine ­ launched ballistic missile; Polaris
1961 Yuri Gagarin becomes the first man in space when he orbits the Earth in Vostok I
1962 The Soviet Union have 220 warheads pointed towards the USA
USA have 4,000 warheads pointed towards the Soviet Union


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