Presidential Importance Timeline - African Americans 1865-1992

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Time in Office Attitudes towards Civil Contributions Importance (1-10)
Rights (positive/negative)
1861-1865 Opposed spread of slavery During Civil War issued 8
but did not call for outright Emancipation Proclamation.
Republican abolition. Started ball rolling for
During the war the South following amendments etc.
If slavery could be started seceding from the But slaves in "loyal states"
contained in the south then union and forming were not freed.
it could be abolished. Confederacy.
1865-1869 Opposed anti-slavery Even though he fought 2
legislation congress they managed to
Democrat pass the Fourteenth Tried to slow the progress
Refused to join Amendment in 1868. for African-American Civil
confederacy and supported rights because he was a
Lincoln throughout war. Allowed the development of Southerner.
the Black codes which limited Black codes also hindered
No political allies. African-American civil rights progress.
Demonstrated in Congress
wanting him impeached

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­ 1869 &1871 signed bills 9
slogan promoting black voting rights
and prosecuting Klan leaders. made most significant
was really positive towards progress for African
improving the position of Passed 15th amendment & Americans since Abraham
black civil rights. KKK act (enforcement act) Lincoln.
which tightened rules on
Signed CRA of 1875
1877-1909 Significant period of
do-nothing presidents.…read more

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Personally sympathetic to First lady Eleanor Roosevelt 2
the plight of African gave frequent support,
Democrat Americans but did little especially to black women Roosevelt himself didn't do
directly to help them and supported anti-lynching. a lot for African Americans
because he was dependent out of fear of falling out of
on Southern Democratic New deal ­ tried to stimulate favour, although New deal
support to pass legislation. economic growth and did help blacks, it was not
employment after WSC. necessarily aimed at them.…read more

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One of few senators to Civil rights act 1964 9
give general support to civil
rights in the 1950's Voting rights act 1965 Empowered by Kennedy he
made significant leaps
Inspired by Kennedy Arrested KKK members to forward for CRM, I think
send out a clear message to most importantly is the CRA
others, first president to do of 1964
this since Ulysses S. Grant.…read more

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Politically sensitive to civil Appointed first black 6
rights, e.g. wanted to secretary of transportation.
"the accidental president" attend MLK's wife's funeral Significant that he tried to
but white house rejected it. Ignored people asking to build relations with CRM
scrap voting rights act and leaders.
Went out of his way to asked congress to extend it Because he remained
cultivate relations with civil for 5 years.…read more

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Forced to accept civil rights Opposed legislation and 2
laws because of liberal reduced black welfare.
congress Hindered CRM and made
Opposed VRA of 1965 on personal beliefs none, this
Civil rights restoration act counts that it "humiliated the spurred on the South and
south". made them think that they
He never supported the had support in government.
use of federal power to
provide blacks with civil
rights.…read more


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