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Non Metal Tests…read more

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Non Metal Tests
· Scientists also need to be able to identify non
metal ions in compounds.
· Such as ­ Sulfate ions
Halide ions (what are these?)
Nitrate ions
Ammonium ions
Carbonate ions (this time test for
carbonate not the metal it's attached
to ­ what is the test?)…read more

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Sulfate Ions
· Dissolve compound in water
· Add few drops of dilute HCl
· Then a few drops of Barium Chloride (soluble)
· If a sulfate is present then a Barium Sulfate
will form a white precipitate (insoluble)…read more

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Halide Ions
· There are 3 samples A, B + C you need to
identify the halide ion in each
· Dissolve one spatula in 1 pipette of water
(obviously in a test tube)
· Add a few drops of dilute nitric acid
· Then a few drops of dilute silver nitrate
· The colour of the precipitate identifies the
halide ­ see table on next slide...…read more

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Halide Ions
Halide Colour of Precipitate
Chloride White
Bromide Cream
Iodide Yellow…read more

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Halide Ions
· The ionic equation for each is,
Ag+ (aq) + Cl-(aq) AgCl (s)
Ag+ (aq) + Br-(aq) AgBr (s)
Ag+ (aq) + I-(aq) AgI (s)…read more

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