Nazi Propaganda 2

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  • Nazi Propaganda
    • Propaganda during WW2
      • Nazi propaganda had been preparing the Germans for war since 1933
      • The aims of Nazi wartime propaganda was the mobilize the German people and to sustain its morale (never again will there be a November 1918)
      • Hitler believed it was vital to persuade the Germans that the war was necessary and that the enemy was intent on destroying Germany.
      • The propaganda ministry also had the talk of providing the population with practical advice on air-raid precautions, the recycing of scarce materials, the economic use of food and warning against revealing important information through careless talk
    • The Role of Propaganda
      • Propaganda was vital to establish and consolidate the Nazi regime.
      • The population had to be won over and prepared psychologically for war
      • However, in the privacy of their homes, thtere were still people who did tune into foreign radio stations, read banned books or listened to jazz on their gramophones


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