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Nazi Party ­ Post Munich Putsch

Key question:

In what ways was the Nazi Party revitalised in the period 1925-1929?

Brief summary of Nazi Party History:

In 1919, the Nazi Party were known the German's Workers Party and were viewed as
a small and very localised Bavarian party.
Adolf Hitler…

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The Nazi Party structure was based on the Führerprinzip, or
leadership principle. Hitler was the Führer, the ultimate
authoritarian party leader.
The ideology of the Führerprinzip sees each organisation as a
hierarchy of leaders, where every leader has absolute
responsibility in his own area.
There was an absolute demand…

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The circles were divided into Ortsgruppen, or local groups.
And in the big cities, the local groups were divided along

streets and blocks.

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There were 35 Gaus which were to mirror the 35 electoral districts of the
Weimar Government.
This assured the presence of a Nazi candidate in every part of Germany
thus highlighting the potential for them to be elected.
Each Gau(e) was under the leadership of a Gauleiter (for example…


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