The Rise and Appeal of Nazism - Germany

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  • The Rise and Appeal of Nazism
    • The Munich Putsch
      • The failed 1923 attempted putsch led to a change in tactics. The Nazis would take power legitimately
      • The putsch brought Hitler national publicity
      • Hitler was sentenced to five years in prison. He served 9 months
    • The Nazi Party, 1924-29
      • Hitler wrote Mein Kampf in prison, which set out his ideas for Germany
      • During his time in prison, the Nazi party collapsed. He had to rebuild
      • The Weimar Republic looked strong and the Nazis only had 12 seats in 1928
      • Hitler built support. He established the Hitler Youth and Students' League
      • In 1929, Goebbels was put in charge of Propaganda
    • The Depression
      • The Weimar Government appeared weak and unable to deal with the crisis
      • Unemployment was rising. The Nazis provided work
      • Many people feared communism
      • Industrialist support. They feared communism
      • Nazis appealed to many different groups. Making them all promises
      • Propaganda reinforced Nazi promises
      • Technology - in 1929 Hitler arrived at election meetings via plane
      • Hitler's image as a hero and a great orator
      • Weak and divided opposition
      • 1928 - 12 seats in Reichstag; 1933 - 288 seats


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