Munich Putsch

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  • Munich Putsch 1923
    • It began in Munich when Hitler and 600 SA men burst in to a public meeting
      • held in a beer hall in Munich
      • Held by Gustav von Kahr
    • An attempt by the Nazis to take over the Bavarian and Weimar Government
    • November 1923
    • Hitler got von Kahr's support by holding him at gunpoint.
    • Next day: 2,000 SA men marched through Munich
      • met by police
        • 16 Nazis killed
    • Nazi Party banned
      • Hitler but on trial
    • It gave the Nazi Party & Hitler publicity
    • Hitler criticised the November Criminals whilst on trial.
      • Stabbed Germany in the back by signing the treaty of versailles
    • Hitler used trial to put the Nazi's on a national stage
    • Hitler found guilty of treason - only served 5 months
    • Hitler had time to strategise and write his book.
    • Hitler had time to reflect whilst in prison.
    • Mein Kampf
      • outlined his political views
      • Changed the Nazi Parties stratagy for gaining power instead of seizing power.
      • Gain power by winning elections.


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