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Nazi Party 19241929

The Nazi Party often referred to this period as "the blood years".
Most historians refer to this as the "wilderness years" for the Nazi Party.

Change of tactics:

Move from a small Bavarian party to Nationwide organisation ­ it was mass
The Bamberg Conference (14th February…

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DER ANGRIFF (The Attack) ­ A Berlin newspaper founded by Joseph Goebbels in 1927. It was a
significant instrument for arousing support for Nazi ideas. The content was party propaganda,
agitation against the Weimar Republic and Anti-Semitism.
DER ANGRIFF was used to promote support for Nazism. Some of the most…

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Had it not been for the Wall Street Crash, would the Weimar Government have continued to stabilise
and perhaps survive?
Did the Wall Street Crash merely quicken the opportunity for the Nazi Party's success?
Did the Weimar Government have flaws it could never escape?


The Nazi Party 1928: "Support…

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Party. In addition, Goebbels edited the NSDAP newspaper `DER ANGRIFF' (established in 1927) which helped to propagate
the Nazi message.

Ancillary (Support) Organisation formed within the Nazi Party to ensure that the movement broadens its popular appeal
these ancillary organisations targeted various groups in society to ensure that Nazism was…


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