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My Mother Bids Me Bind
My Hair
Quiz!!…read more

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1. When was this piece first published?
2. He was visiting London for the ______ time?
3. Young ladies were expected to do what during
this time period?
4. This song was so popular that it achieved
what status?…read more

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1. The vocal line begins with a what?
2. It is followed with the consequent. Describe
what the consequent is.
3. How is the vocal line made easier?
4. The right hand of the piano mainly doubles
the vocal line, when are there exceptions?…read more

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Rhythm and Metre
1. What time signature is this piece in?
2. There is the constant use of what?
3. In the introduction what group of notes are
used most often?…read more

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1. This piece is in what form?
2. The structure of the phrases start _____ but
get increasingly less so.…read more

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1. What key is this piece in?
2. In the middle section it moves to....
3. The key is covered sometimes by what?…read more

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