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Quiz!!…read more

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1. Corelli is one of the most important
composers of the later Baroque era, which
other composers did he have great
influence over?
2. What does this piece come from (I'll except
the English translation)…read more

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1. All the material in this piece comes from
the opening 3 note motif, for each bar
number what happens?
a) Bar 1
b) Bar 2
c) Bar 5
d) Bar 11
e) Bar 32…read more

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1. What style is this piece in?
2. What time signature is this piece in?
3. Syncopation occurs in what part at bars
4. Hemiolas give a feeling of ¾ time, give an
example of where one occurs in this piece.…read more

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1. What structure does this piece follow?
2. The first section starts at bar 1 and finishes
at bar_?
3. The second section finishes at bar 43 but
when does it start?
4. Bars 41-43 could be considered a what?…read more

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1. Section A starts in what key?
2. In modulates to A major which is the what?
3. Section B begins on the dominant and ends
on the.....…read more

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