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Symphony of Psalms
Quiz!!…read more

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1. Symphony of Psalms was commissioned by
2. The first performance was in Paris ­ true or
3. What styles of music influenced Stravinsky?…read more

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1. One of the distinctive melodic features is the
use of repeated notes, give an example
2. Where does the music build to climax? (hint
the sopranos sing a whole tone scale)
3. In bar 150 what chord do the voices outline?…read more

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Rhythm and Metre
1. At times the music is very static, what note
values does it move in ­ very slowly?
2. At bar 24 the music is rhythmically intense ­
how?…read more

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1. It begins and ends with the same music ­
what section do I mean?
2. At bar 53 the sopranos have a new theme
based on what theme from bar 4?
3. A slow chanted section marked `molto
meno mosso' has all the voices singing
together interrupted by what?…read more

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1. What key is this piece mainly in?
2. What keys are used when Stravinsky uses
3. Bar 150 emphasises what key?…read more

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Preview of page 7

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