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Mt Nyiragongo Case Study

Where: Virunga National Park, of
Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Height: 3470m

Type of Volcano: Stratovolcano

Plate Boundaries: Great rift valley in
Africa splitting of the African plate

Rift Valley: the earth's tectonic forces
are presently trying to create new plates
by splitting apart old ones.…

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Type of Lava: very fluid. made of melilite nephelinite, an alkalirich type
of volcanic rock whose unusual chemical composition may be a factor in
the unusual fluidity. flows may race downhill at up to 60 miles per hour.
Low silica content

Eruption Type:

Most Recent Eruprtion: 2001 (continuing)

What happened:…

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Cost of providing food, blankets, utensils, shelter, clean water,
sanitation and healthcare estimated at $15 million
Much higher cost will occur with rebuilding Goma's infrastructure,
homes and livelihoods.
Mass unemployment from businesses destroyed by lava

The eruption of Mt. Nyiragongo on January 17, 2002 was predicted a
week earlier…


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