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Theories of
Motivation…read more

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Motivation and Motives
"Motivation is a decision-making process,
through which the individual chooses the
desired outcomes and sets in motion the
behaviour appropriate to them".
"Motives are learned influences on human
behaviour that lead us to pursue particular
goals because they are valued".
Motivation can therefore be thought of as the
degree to which an individual wants AND
chooses to engage in certain behaviours.…read more

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Why is Motivation Important?
- Higher productivity (i.e. they produce more
for a given level of resources than poorly-
motivated workers)
- Better quality work with less wastage
- A greater sense of urgency (things happen
quicker - when they need to)
- More employee feedback and suggestions
made for improvements (motivated workers
take more "ownership" of their work")
- Working at 80-95% of their ability…read more

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TAYLOR ­ Scientific
Taylor developed his theory as he worked his
way up from a labourer to a works manager in
a US steelworks.
From his observations he made 3 key
assumptions about human behaviour at work:
Man is a rational economic animal concerned with
maximising his economic gain;
People respond as individuals, not as groups
People can be treated in a standardised fashion, like
machines…read more

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Taylor simply believed that the main motivator
of workers was MONEY and believed that
people should be paid in relation to how much
they produce (e.g. piece rates)
So therefore the harder people worked the
more they were paid.…read more

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So in a business with his
The main form of motivation is higher wages,
linked to individual outputs.
And a workers job is to do what they are told
and get paid accordingly.…read more

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