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AS Level Mosaic Covenant. Aquinas Grammar
Part A
What is a Covenant?
(B.W. Anderson) The term covenant refers to a binding and
solemn agreement, made by two or more parties which involves
mutual responsibilities'
The Hebrew word Berith is translated as covenant
Some scholars believe the Hebrew word could be derived from a
Babylonian word Biritu meaning `bond.'
Liberation from Egypt?
Yahweh offers his people freedom from Egypt and Liberation
It was an exclusive covenant between Yahweh, Moses and the
It fulfils the Abrhamic covenant:
"I will establish my covenant between myself and you, and your descendants
after you"(Genesis 17:7)
Promissory and Obligatory?
Promissory Abrahamic covenant is promissory as God promises
land, descendants, protection and security to his people. Really
Abraham had little to do in return, just have faith.
"Here now is my covenant with you you shall become the father of a multitude
of nations" (Genesis 17:4)
Obligatory The Sinai covenant was an agreement made between
two parties of unequal standing.
Gemma Mulhern 13J

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AS Level Mosaic Covenant. Aquinas Grammar
The Peoples obligations to God
Unilateral agreement where Yahweh was superior and the people
were inferior
Anderson described the covenant as
"A relationship between unequal's" (Anderson)
He then goes on to state that "Yahweh was not legally bound to
Israel" and that "Yahweh was free to terminate it" by him not doing
so shows his commitment.
"All that Yahweh has said, we will do" (Exodus 19:8)
On Eagles Wings:
Reaffirms the obligatory nature of the covenant.…read more

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AS Level Mosaic Covenant. Aquinas Grammar
Covenant code is legalistic. Moses hears himself and relays to his
Conditional= "ifs" and "buts"
When the people settled in Canaan the people felt they needed
further guidance on how to live out the 10 Commandments.
Social law "You shall not allow a sorceress to live.…read more

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AS Level Mosaic Covenant. Aquinas Grammar
The theophany and the Sacrifice
A theophany is an overwhelming personal experience with God.
God appeared in Smoke, Thunder, Lightening, Cloud, Fire and
Using natural and grand gestures shows heightened importance
and how he is so great that he has power over nature.
By using substantial gestures is to evoke fear into his people so
they will follow his commandments in fear of what might happen if
they don't.…read more

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AS Level Mosaic Covenant. Aquinas Grammar
Must be obedient
Covenant is of great importance to a religious, faithful life.
"This awesome occasion was actually the commitment that God
made to Israel, and the obligations that Israel accepted in return."
(John Drane)
"Yahweh had been carrying the people, just as a mother eagle lifts
her young toward this mountain sport for a special purpose" (B.W.…read more

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AS Level Mosaic Covenant. Aquinas Grammar
out of the Land of Egypt with arm Over reacted:
outstretched and mighty hand" (Exodus 1. The Golden Bull was a
32:1112) representation of Yahweh.
Doesn't give up and doesn't turn his 2. Signals Yahweh's strength >
back, even when Yahweh was prepared apostasy+ punished them for it.
Took on huge responsibility.…read more

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AS Level Mosaic Covenant. Aquinas Grammar
Commandments were not "set in Quick to stray, faith could not endure
stone." Shouldn't need constant reminders in
Effigy that they created was a how to live out the 10 Commandments.…read more


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