The extent to which the covenant underpinned Amos's teachings

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  • The extent to which the covenant underpinned Amos' teachings
    • Underpinned teaching.
      • Concepts of election and covenant interlinked
      • Requirements of the Decalogue and the Book of the covenant reflected in Amos' teaching on Israel's social and religious responsibilities as God's chosen people.
      • Warnings given by God shows God's desire to maintain covenant relationship
      • Covenant relationship implied throughout
      • Restoration of covenant in Amos 9.
    • Did not underpin.
      • Term not used- scholarly view that the covenant concept not developed before the time of Assyrian domination
      • Amos was more concerned with punishment than covenant relationship
      • Exodus from Egypt of no special significance
      • Israel not in a special relationship
      • Amos 9:11-15, a much later addition-not from the 8th century prophet.


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